miércoles, 5 de octubre de 2016

aren't words actually more dangerous than actions?

Imagine this, like The Martians Chronicles, that reading books were as playing a musical instrument: we lay our index finger above a book's word sentence and we move it on along with our voice reading; like playing a trumpet, a flute. Words come out in synchrony with the dance of our finger: it might be great but it won’t just be like that. There's a little beyond, and it's that thoughts will also come up from it. So playing book reading will not only be for feeding our spirit (like music does) but getting some knowledge as well. This could mean that at some point people might be empty of ideas, so they'll need to play book reading...  In a way, I guess, we all need some book reading but there can be a kind of danger, and it's that what words are going to be read, what sentences, what ideas. Words may become more dangerous than actions, and that's my doubt for this sharing piece: aren't words actually more dangerous than actions? 

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