jueves, 3 de agosto de 2017

That’s us!

I always stop by and try to leave something useful, amusing perhaps but I don´t. It does not happen. I’m not supposed to be writing indeed but here I am; using the few words in English I think I know. 

Someone wrote that the lambs went to vote for the plebiscite last July the 16th; and with lambs he meant all those who want Maduro out. He wrote lambs with a certain pejorative try like we were just headless followers who don´t think and just obey the opposition representatives. We’re the lambs, right! 

Someone else wrote that the opposition wanted their dead; yes, their dead. The surely not-lamb-ones see one another with a kind of skeptical (and therefore, of course) interesting touch. Those ones, who claim eleven million citizens went (and here yes) to their rehearsal the same day, who claim that their National Constituent Assembly will solve all the problems because now on every single issue Venezuelans have will be a command in the next constitution. I wonder why State don´t begin by complying the current commands. Instead, they want to change the whole book, the whole law. 

Today it is the third day of august. Four days after the not-lamb-ones’ election. Eight million voters they claimed but no one believed for a simple fact: it is impossible that after losing the former election (because around five million vote for them) they now overcome with three million more considering the country is in its worst time ever, ever, ever… 

As I started saying, I’m not supposed to be writing. In fact the first two paragraphs came on two weeks ago. Since then I’ve been just letting the days pass by with a lot to yell but nothing to say. 

And I say nothing because no one cares. We are living under a time in which every person speaks only for itself. I’ve had a lot of talking with people I care about; I listen to them: If it´s worrying; I get worry, if it’s  good things; I get happy for it, but when I tell them something – something of their talk, not something about myself – they don´t listen. I think people need a pair of eyes and ears paying attention just to feel comfortable at talking. 

People need to feel heard but in a one way direction. Let’s say I just want to be heard without listening or something like that… 

Yesterday I was watching how a person simply doesn’t care about the one who’s with. I was having a cup of coffee (which means luxury nowadays here in Caracas) I was having a milky coffee, I was reading some news I got distracted by a couple sitting on the table in front. I looked at them, pretty; both: he was trying to understand what’s being broadcasted on TV and she was staring at the cell phone. Maybe, just maybe around ten minutes went by and they didn’t say a word to each other. I could see him looking at her, waiting, waiting for her to look back but it didn’t happen, at least it didn’t happen when he was aware. She saw him, she saw him watching the program, maybe wondering why he smiled but without trying to understand the program. I said to myself he could be me, any of them actually. How many times have I expected a reply when I’m taking, what I’m talking about? How many times? I don’t know. Now I write and pretend there’s someone reading this. I’m now in an open space office. My boss can easily see everything I’m writing but she doesn’t understand English, not that I know so far. It will be funny realizing this is well understood but I trust myself. Besides, this is sort of therapeutic…  

You may probably know of this way we’re being provided with groceries. Venezuelans (some, not all, and it is an issue of course) must pay a fee – a very cheap one, but still – we must pay a fee for getting a box with some food supplies, which prices, in the free market, are much higher; let’s say this is what the government came up to deal with the economic war they invented and many believe. This is the thing: there will be a riot tomorrow, let’s not call it a coup, let´s better say a protest: there’ll be a protest against the government tomorrow (there’s been a lot of protests since 2014)  but tomorrow it will be one of these days in which the government is delivering the food boxes... People need it, many are starving, therefore poor ones, Maduro supporters or not, will not attend at the protest, they´re going to be waiting on line for a box of food. And maybe, in order to keep this war going on, boxes won’t be delivered… That’s us!

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