viernes, 7 de julio de 2017


So many eyes around for my taste. I believe this is less understood if I try it in English. Not a good one, I know. I’ve already taken I don´t know how many English tests to apply for a better job here or there and the result is the same: not qualified, not good enough but, since I’m keeping these wills held in my mind, I guess I better do something at least, at least this. 

Strategy has become a much use word, so much that everything appears to be strategic, such as this assembly pro-government people continue to promote, for example. There’s a vague idea of how democracy should be and even so, people is persuaded to validate, through vote, the end of it. There we’ll be gone, taken, moved to or, whatever other action that implies no will. 

On the other hand, strategists look quite optimistic. The way I see it this seems sort of a tribute to resentment. Finally, after all these years envying and collecting anger at it, pro-government ones will see their happiness in our sorrow. It will be theirs too but they don´t care, our unfortunate fate represents the class overcoming left wing thinkers dreamed of. I used to be that way. Not proud of at all but I did, and despite the things I’ve learned, I can´t help feeling sad and guilty of this situation. Let’s say I woke up several years ago but it may have been late by that time, I’m not sure and sureness won’t matter soon anymore. 

Sense started lacking, I’ve seen it coming both ways, especially my own. I’m losing some logic with every day that goes by. Some time ago I was so eager and furious for increasing my income and now I wonder what I am supposed to do with such a thing, I mean, what will I pay for? I wanted to move to another country, I still do but it looks more like a fantasy nowadays. Maybe this is what I need money for, but the thing with the value of the money here in Venezuela is, I don't know. I mean, how could I call it? Relativized, that’s the word it defines us all and all we do, sanity included, Past too, we’ve decided to remember and forget if it suits our current being and so it goes. Venezuela seems to be over by July 30th, I mean, it is relative; if you’re following me. 

Hope this to continue, if the only place affordable for me to travel is madness, at least I would like to leave some words before… best regards!

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