miércoles, 13 de abril de 2016

How hard is to be easy!

The spoiled aspect in us might be considered a sort of a viral picture we use to live with. Like it is said in Venezuela: It is getting (Could be: everyone is getting it) Well; it may be typical. Such a thing is attributed, at first, to a misinterpretation of first loves. Eventually we get uncomfortable, to then start a never exhausting search for finding fear. Finally the goal lies on the admiration. So that we tend to believe we are better admired by fear rather than love. We never stop evocating childhood. Some experts call it depression, perhaps because of a insecurity in that, maybe. But if we imagine a little and believe the tale that our personality is made by shells like an onion, the insecurity comes out first, and for that, besides crying, in this case, we get depressed.  We reach the anger, the envy, and mixed it all up with unhappiness. From there we go to the pills and then prescriptions. That’s on we are. Especially if we find a good vice so such a disorder gets justified. That’s the way I am. But time never stops being perfect and not only God’s. Someday we’ll no longer be feared (whoever fears us) and it will become into a defeat which we avenge with the love. How easy is to be difficult, isn’t It? Better said: How hard is to be easy! That’s the reason why the conflict is a kind of peace and for that Peace is always a conflict… 

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