lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2016


I’ve read not so long ago that we all should do some writing every day. It is cathartic, especially in times like these, which ways out look so blurry that we just see other people’s problems because we can’t even understand ours. I’m constantly wondering, check on twitter and see some political impressions, read some opinions, and yet I wonder still. 

There is a very interesting writing from Umberto Eco called Ur-Fascism, and it showed me while reading that the power of the administration is also a power of social control. In other words: the president needs a law to regulate a behavior caused by some other law promoted just before, thus we are managed through executive orders (in Venezuela the parliament don´t promote laws anymore) 

Let’s bring up an example: the current one hundred bolívares bill will be out of circulation in seventy two hours, just a few days later POS machines were not working out due to some platform updates, or as the president said: an orchestrated cyber-attack from the empire of United States. Just before that ATM machines reduced the amount of cash daily, and just before that minimum salary got raised at fifty percent; fifty percent more against a three numbers inflation, and so on. There´s a change almost weekly, almost daily, announced on TV or worse; on social networks. Let’s see what happens next seventy two hours…

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