viernes, 26 de mayo de 2017


There’s a big traffic jam east road. Protesters claim once again against the government; against this guy and his cabinet, and once again; they are bombed and repealed. Some bosses claim too, they do it against employees. Since inspiration is no longer reachable everything lies on commands only: the one thing pro government bosses have left. Curious fact that an employee, specially a boss, may support government’s policies. Here such a thing is possible and that is the question I wanted to leave with these words: may it be true resentment is so powerful that supporters don’t care about watching how the country sinks? – I honestly don´t know if the question is understood, if it is a right English – the thing is I thought it was so; not the grammar, the doubt. I thought people raise this anger as crop to one day spice up their sorrows and become able to show fake security and optimism; just like the government does. Resented people enjoy infortune, and currently they are ruling every single institution of the Estate... for now!

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